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The Link Between Social Needs & Business Performance




At DUOS, our focus is on supporting the needs of older adults and caregivers. We execute this mission on behalf of and in coordination with our health plan and provider partners, who deeply understand the direct connection between addressing the needs of older adults and the business results they are accountable for achieving. Most commonly, our health plan and provider partners are focused on these four areas of value:

  • Improving member retention to drive growth and maximize lifetime value
  • Driving annual wellness visit closure to optimize risk adjustment efforts
  • Elevating Stars scores with an increasing focus on CAHPS measures
  • Lowering medical costs to drive profitability and future benefit investments

A review of our interactions with older adults and their caregivers suggests that social needs are often a barrier to engaging with preventative and condition-related care. Furthermore, solving these blockers for older adults engenders trust and satisfaction, boosting the older adults’ perception of the organization that solves these challenges. DUOS completes a comprehensive care navigation and social needs assessment for each older adult early in our engagement.

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