Activation programs that actually deliver

Our proactive and personalized member activation approach engages your Medicare beneficiaries throughout their health journey, delivering quality health outcomes and improving member satisfaction for our valued partners. Our approach removes barriers to health literacy and access to care and facilitates contextual and timely connections with closed loop visibility.

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How it works

DUOS’ approach to member activation combines an AI-powered recommendation engine with plan-specific campaign content to deliver highly contextualized, personalized and timely resource matches.


Targeted omnichannel marketing campaigns drive members to sign up with DUOS through a self-service digital experience or telephonically with our virtual-human team

Needs Identification

Members share their top SDoH and care needs or follow DUOS’ recommended care campaign prompts

Resource Recommendations

Personalized resource matches reflect the member’s unique coverage, geographic location, and other demographic data

Service Fulfillment

One-click access to service providers enables high-value outcomes during DUOS sessions

Closed-Loop Monitoring

Track member-level engagement with and ratings of recommended resources

Actionable Insights

DUOS aggregates and shares member-specific and plan-level insights

High tech and high touch

Targeted engagement campaigns leverage both technology and virtual-human support to ensure strong connections, resolve barriers to health living, and drive gap in care closure.

Targeted marketing campaigns

Plan benefits match

Community services match

Government programs match

Service ratings and closed-loop monitoring

One-click access for last mile delivery

Actionable insights and data aggregation

Surveys and sentiment analysis

Plan-specific campaign content

Digital self-service or virtual-human support

Real results


Faster Results

In navigation time to find
benefits, coverage and
provider information


AWV Gap Closure

Completed with PCP and in-
home visits


Social & SDoH
Needs Met

Via supplemental benefits, government programs and community resources


Increase in
Plan Retention

Via engagement in two or more Medicare Advantage supplemental benefits

The power of connections

The Anderson Family

Laura, 37 & Esther, 77 years old

Managing her mom’s provider visits was getting time consuming and confusing.

DUOS made a connection.
Esther got door-to-door rides to her appointments.

Roy A.

82 years old

A computer error left Roy without a second vaccine appointment.

DUOS made a connection.
Roy got a vaccine appointment the next day.

Joann L.

81 years old

A lost motorized scooter was making Joann’s world smaller and smaller.

DUOS made a connection.
Joann got a new scooter later that week.

Lucio Y.

79 years old

Since retiring, Lucio has been struggling to pay his monthly bills on time.

DUOS made a connection.
Lucio applied for a discount on his electric bill to save him 30% each month.

Timothy P.

87 years old

Tim uses a walker and was scared of falling while home alone.

DUOS made a connection.
Tim was authorized for a PERS device.

Terry A.

69 years old

Chronic pain from a leg injury prohibits Terry from driving.

DUOS made a connection.
Terry got door-to-door rides for her cardiology appointment.


79 years old

Quintin’s limited budget means he often has to decide between food and other bills.

DUOS made a connection.
Quintin now receives fourteen meals delivered to his home each week.


71 years old

Stan often skips doctors appointments related to his diabetes.

DUOS made a connection.
Stan scheduled a blood sugar screening.


73 years old

Moving to be closer to her grandchildren left Brenda without a PCP.

DUOS made a connection.
Brenda found a PCP near her home taking on new patients.

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