Does DUOS cost me anything?


No! DUOS is made available at no cost to you through your health insurance. To confirm your eligibility, give us a call at (855) 212-9242 (9 am-9 pm ET, Monday - Friday) or complete our contact form.

In addition to connecting you with no-cost services available through your health insurance benefits, we may find services, like meal deliveries, that do charge a fee. But we'll make sure to okay any costs with you first.

What is the DUOS experience like?


We provide you with a Duo, a dedicated person who will check in with you once a week over the phone and learn what things we can help you with. It certainly isn't uncommon to become friends with your Duo since you chat with the same person every week over the phone. Our members have us help coordinate transportation, make medical appointments, find licensed home care providers or in-network physicians ... the list goes on!

How can my Duo help over the phone?


Your Duo works to understand what tasks or goals you'd like support on and then helps arrange no-cost and low-cost services to address these needs. They can help you understand things like your health insurance benefits and community resources.

Will my Duo help me in person?


No, your Duo connects with you over the phone. They'll check in each week and if you need some help in between check-in calls, you can call us at (855) 212-9242 between 9 am-9 pm ET, Monday through Friday.

If you need in-person support, your Duo can help connect you to in-person resources available in your area.

How much can you take off my to-do list?


Overwhelmed with your to-do list? Unsure how to find help with daily tasks or healthcare needs? We'll help you prioritize and work through everything in bite-size chunks. DUOS will help you navigate your insurance plan to ensure that you are using all the perks and resources available to stay healthy and thrive.

How long does the service last?


That's up to you. Your Duo will check in weekly and help prioritize items on your health and wellness to-do list. We'll make sure you have the resources you need for ongoing support, so when your top needs and goals are met, you're set up for long term success.

Is the Duo a real person?


Yes, your Duo is a real person! We have a great team ready to help - you'll connect with the same Duo each week so we can make sure to learn your personal needs and goals.

Do you service my area?


We do! Since DUOS is a service that works through weekly phone calls, rather than in-person visits, we can support members across the U.S. To confirm your eligibility, give us a call at (855) 212-9242 (9 am-9 pm ET, Monday - Friday) or complete our contact form.

Still have questions? Call anytime.(855) 212-9242