About Us

You’re one
of a kind.

DUOS is your
perfect pair.

You have big plans for the future. DUOS is here to support them.


We’re on a mission to reimagine freedom at any age. DUOS forms trusted relationships with older adults using technology and community to support fulfilling lives at home.

our values

You've got a friend

Older adults are the star of the show.
Their point of view always comes first.

Question the status quo

Innovation is the direct result of curiosity. Dream big and never look back.

We’re all in this together

DUOS reflects the world around us. Every voice and perspective should be represented.

Make a difference

We are “no egos amigos” that prefer action to perfectionism.

Trust is everything

Honesty and consistency are good for business (and great for karma).

Karl Ulfers
Chief Executive Officer
Anne Marie Aponte
Chief Operating Officer
Kristen Lynch
Chief Product Officer
Jacques Anderson
Chief of Staff
Art Petrossian
VP of Engineering
Carah Campini
Director of Operations
Anna Belopolskaya Koshi
Design Director
Take it easy

Enjoy a playlist of timeless tunes inspired by you. Groove, dance, rock out, and sing along to the greatest era of music.