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DUOS connects older adults, caregivers and care teams with the services that help them thrive. Learn more about how DUOS technology helps health plans, providers, and employers improve well-being and satisfaction.

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DUOS’ technology leverages AI to match social determinants of health (SDOH) and care navigation needs with best-fit resources in a streamlined digital experience for older adults, caregivers and care teams.

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Find and Identify

DUOS engages and activates older adults and caregivers to identify barriers to healthy living.

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Make Connections

DUOS technology matches aging needs against every MA plan benefit, local community resources, and government programs.

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Deliver Results

These connections resolve aging needs, close gaps in care, and increase utilization of Annual Wellness Visits.

The DUOS System of Aging


We're the key to unlocking the member loyalty and business performance trapped in underutilized supplemental benefits.

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Care and Coverage

Connections to in-network providers, prescription savings, and preventive screenings.

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Food and Nutrition

Connections to low-cost or no-cost meal delivery services, food banks, and grocery services.

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Safety at Home

Connections to home modification services, PERS devices, and in-home support for activities of daily living.

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Connections to non-emergency medical transportation vendors.

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Social Enrichment

Connections to in-home companionship services, local community centers, and support groups.

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Caregiving Support

Connections to mental health and financial counseling resources and local government assistance programs.

The right resource at the right time

Health plans, providers and employers who implement DUOS can expect targeted engagement efforts to strategically surface aging needs; a unified benefits and services interface with the streamlined application of supplemental and SSBCI benefits; and improved member experience and value measured through improvements in benefit utilization, satisfaction surveys, and retention.

If you support older adults, caregivers or care teams, learn more about how DUOS’ technology can help. 

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THe power of connections

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Joann's Story

A lost motorized scooter was making Joann’s world smaller and smaller.

DUOS made a connection

DUOS found out that her new scooter was stuck overseas with no ETA, so we helped her get a prescription for a new one.

Joann got moving

Joann took it from there! With prescription in hand, she felt confident insisting that the scooter company make it right.

A woman riding her motorized scooter

Vicky was in the right place at the right time. I’d still be waiting on that scooter if I didn’t get a little push from her.

Joann L.

Pennsylvania, 81

John's Story

With a big surgery ahead, John
was feeling anxious and alone.

DUOS made a connection

DUOS made John feel comfortable acknowledging that he didn’t have a ride or someone to lean on after his surgery.

John found a ride, supplies, and a friend

John got a ride to and from the surgery, plus supplies and support for his recovery—all with the approval of his doctor.

A man smiling

Before I met Katy, I felt so alone. The little things about getting surgery made me more nervous than the surgery! I wish I had something like DUOS sooner.

John T.

Pennsylvania, 74

Roy's Story

A computer error left Roy without a second vaccine appointment.

DUOS made a connection

Dealing with a pharmacy can feel impossible, but DUOS wasn’t going to let automated systems and wait times stop Roy.

Roy skipped to the front of the line

After DUOS advocated on Roy’s behalf, the VP of the pharmacy called to apologize and set up a next-day appointment.

A man smiling in conversation

DUOS was so quick! I don’t know how you did it, but I’m glad you did. I wish I had done this sooner!

Roy A.

Pennsylvania, 82

The Anderson Family Story

Managing Esther’s provider visits was getting confusing and time-consuming for her—and her kids.

DUOS made a connection

DUOS connected Esther with door-to-door rides that are affordable and that let her keep her independence.

Esther had a stress-free trip

Esther got to the doctor and back no problem, and her daughter Laura was able to go on her family vacation.

A woman smiling with a nurse

What a relief! Mom’s happy and feels like herself again, and I got to go out of town!


California, 37

Emma’s Story

Education never stops. Emma
wanted to earn a law degree and we said, “Yes, your honor.”

DUOS made a connection

DUOS helped Emma navigate the paperwork, enrollment, and course scheduling.

Emma dove into learning

Emma and her Duo worked together to set up her computer and learn all the apps she needed for online school.

An older woman studying

Learning is important at any age. I’m grateful DUOS helped me continue my education.

Emma O.

Louisiana, 91

Jean's Story

Broken hearing aids could have ruined Jean’s road trip.

DUOS made a connection

DUOS helped Jean find an audiology office to make last-minute repairs to her hearing aids.

Jean got back to relaxing

Jean’s was able to adjust her plans and get back to the beach in no time.

A young and older woman sitting together

It was a frustrating situation, but DUOS solved it quickly. I don’t know what I would have done without them.

Jean Y.

Florida, 78