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DIY guides

Guides and resources for older adults and caregivers.

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Opinions, perspectives, and stories from the DUOS team.

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Stories from our member community (and a little fun).

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Recent Posts

Tips & Tricks From Our Team: Staying on Top of Your Medications

Build better habits around taking your medications.
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Tips & Tricks From Our Team: Empowered Medical Visits

How to get the most out of your next doctor's visit.
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Tips & Tricks From Our Team: Calling Your Insurance

The playbook for successful insurance calls.
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5 Tips for Talking to Older Adults About Aging

How to have a successful, respectful conversation.
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A Day in the Life of a DUOS Engineer

Q&A with Nikhil Plassmann, Senior Software Engineer at DUOS.
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DUOS Announces a $15 Million Series A Investment Milestone

Today signals a transformational moment for DUOS.
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My Story: Jacques Anderson, Co-Founder & Chief of Staff, DUOS

Why co-founder Jacques Anderson came to DUOS.
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DUOS Top List of Resources for Older Adults

Our curated list of resources for older adults.
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