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DUOS offers technology and engagement services for health plans, providers, and employers to address aging needs and caregiver strain while driving quality outcomes.

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What we help with

DUOS' technology links aging needs to plan benefits, community resources, and government programs in a streamlined digital experience for older adults, caregivers and care teams.

Care and Coverage

Connections to in-network providers, prescription savings, and preventive screenings.

Food and Nutrition

Connections to low-cost or no-cost meal delivery services, food banks, and grocery services.

Safety at Home

Connections to home modification services, PERS devices, and in-home support for activities of daily living.


Connections to non-emergency medical transportation vendors.

Social Enrichment

Connections to in-home companionship services, local community centers, and support groups.

Caregiving Support

Connections to mental health and financial counseling resources and local government assistance programs.

The DUOS System of Aging


We impact your highest priority metrics for quality and patient experience. Here’s what you can expect.


Barriers to healthy living resolved

Through benefits, government programs and local resources


Services and benefits

Aggregated in the DUOS platform


Net Promoter Score

Last reported month, all clients


Increase in plan retention

Via engagement in two or more supplemental benefits


AWV gap closure

Completed with PCP and in-home visits


Stars gap closure

Via high-value preventive screenings


Find and

DUOS engages and activates older adults and caregivers to identify barriers to healthy living.


DUOS technology matches aging needs with plan benefits, community resources, and government programs.


As trust builds with the member, DUOS drives gap in care closures, including Annual Wellness Visits.


These stats have one thing in common: older adults either don’t have the support they need to get older at home, or they pay astronomically expensive prices to get it.

At DUOS, we build bridges to overcome barriers to healthy living, connecting older adults and caregivers to the services they need to thrive.

9 in 10 Boomers want to stay at home as they get older1
15 million people ages 65+ live alone2
51% of older adults have at least one unmet social need3
9 in 10 Boomers want to stay at home as they get older4
70% of unpaid caregivers report mental health issues4
A nursing home costs $105,850/year on average5